(1999 - 2002)

Character: Commander John Robert Crichton


Farscape is a science fiction TV show that aired from 1999-2002 on what was then called the Sci-Fi cable channel.

Astronaut and scientist Commander John Robert Crichton becomes lost in an unknown galaxy when his test project space module Farscape One is sucked through a wormhole. The show follows the adventures of Crichton and a group of aliens all looking to survive while they try to find a way to their home worlds.

Farscape, which was filmed in Australia, was created by Rockne S. O'Bannon and produced by The Jim Henson Company. For many other images of the show, search Google Images using the search term Farscape.

When it was broadcasting, there were many excellent Farscape-related sites. There are still quite a few but our favorite is the Snurcher's Guide. The site is filled with episode information, trivia, and miscellaneous stuff related to Farscape. Check it out here.

Image credit for the Jim Henson Company.
Synopsis Credit: BBI