Bad Kids Go to Hell


Character: Max Rainwater 


Ben plays a prep school custodian Max Rainwater who is a pivotal character in the story based on the graphic novels Bad Kids Go to Hell (BKGTH) created by Matthew Spradlin and Barry "Bazza" Wernick.

Six private school high school kids find themselves stuck in detention on a frightfully dark and stormy Saturday afternoon. During their eight-hour incarceration, each of the six kids falls victim to a horrible "accident" until only one of them remains. And, as each of these spoiled rich kids bites the dust, the story takes on a series of humorous and frantic twists and turns. Is one of the kids secretly evening the school's social playing field? Or have the ghosts of the prestigious Crestview Academy finally come to punish the school's worst (and seemingly untouchable) brats?

Synopsis Credit: Bad Kids Go to Hell Production