Party of Five

Character: Sam Brody (1996-1997)


Party of Five was a family drama series on the Fox network. It followed the lives of the young Salinger's who were orphaned when their parents were killed in a car accident in the first episode. Series's stars included Matthew Fox of Lost TV show fame, Scott Wolf and Neve Campbell

Ben played Sam Brody in the third season, 1996-1997. His character was a carpenter brought in to help remodel the Salinger home and who the eldest daughter had a crush on. They carried on in a stressful relationship for most of the third season.

Sam was suddenly written out of the show when Neve's character Julia broke up with him after finding out Sam was a racist.

Gimme Shelter (13 November 1996)
Close to You (20 November 1996)
I Do (27 November 1996)
Desperate Measures (11 December 1996)
Life's Too Short (8 January 1997)
Significant Others (15 January 1997)
I Declare (22 January 1997)
Misery Loves Company (29 January 1997)
MYOB (5 February 1997)
Point of No Return (12 February 1997)

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