Party of Five


Character: Sam Brody


Party of Five was a family drama series on the Fox network. It followed the lives of the young Salingers who were orphaned when their parents were killed in a car accident in the first episode. The series's stars included Matthew Fox of Lost TV show fame, Scott Wolf, and Neve Campbell

Ben played Sam Brody in the third season, 1996-1997. His character was a carpenter brought in to help remodel the Salinger home and who the eldest daughter had a crush on. They carried on in a stressful relationship for most of the third season.

Sam was suddenly written out of the show when Neve's character Julia broke up with him after finding out Sam was a racist.

Gimme Shelter (13 November 1996)
Close to You (20 November 1996)
I Do (27 November 1996)
Desperate Measures (11 December 1996)
Life's Too Short (8 January 1997)
Significant Others (15 January 1997)
I Declare (22 January 1997)
Misery Loves Company (29 January 1997)
MYOB (5 February 1997)
Point of No Return (12 February 1997)

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