Character: Thug

Guest Star: Chuck Versus the Bullet Train


Episode #511 aired on 20 January 2012 on the American network NBC and is titled 'Chuck Versus the Bullet Train'.

Ben played a small part of a thug who kidnapped Casey's daughter so that his boss could obtain the coveted 'Intersection" program (you have to watch the series to get the whole picture).

This was a minor role with not much face time or lines for Ben. Mostly we got to see him make some faces in close up. A lot of Ben fans have decried the poor use of their favorite actor but it is the first time Ben has been on TV since Stargate SG-1 ended in 2007.

We can hope that TPTB noticed Ben and his charms and he will pop up on their radar when something new and fresh comes along and needs a dashing, charming, talented actor to fill the role.

Synopsis: BBI