Ben's characters, John Crichton and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, both had action figures modeled on Ben.

We show them here only as examples. We do not sell these items but you might find them on and eBay. Prices will vary. These are no longer being made. Some are very rare. See notes for each figure.

John Crichton Series 1 Action Figure

Thank God It's Friday, Again - Exclusive.
Includes Crichton figure in black t-shirt and pants, red vest, telescopic headset, handcuffs and 2 DRDs.
Figure is almost 7" high (170mm). 

COLLECTORS NOTE: This version of John Crichton was a Toy Vault Toy Club exclusive. Very rare. Only 2,000 made. They have sold in the $200.00 range on eBay.

Example only. Not for sale by BBI but may be found on or eBay.