(2008 - 2011)

Starting in 2008, Rockne O'Bannon (creator of Farscape) started production of a Farscape comic book series. Although Ben was not involved in the production of the comics as far as we can ascertain, they are about Ben's breakout TV series character John Crichton and so are included on this website.

The first story starts off after the end of The Peacekeeper Wars with the intrepid Moya crew helping the indomitable Dominar Rygel XVI regain his Hynerian throne. Further comics series included all the Farscape universe canon putting the Moya crew into various adventures and tight spots.

Synopsis: After Farscape the series and after the Peacekeeper Wars mini-series there are the comics. The comics, published between December 2008 and 2011 are considered canon (true to the world of Farscape) by creator Rockne S. O'Bannon and The Jim Henson Company. Ben's character, John Crichton, appears in most of the comics. Since there were numerous people responsible for drawing the comics, the visual representation of Ben varies.

You should be able to find the comics on eBay. Prices will vary greatly so if you are buying the comics to immerse yourself in some new Farscape stories, shop around for the best prices. Here is a sample of the covers.