A new Ben Browder fan, Hal, posted a report about his first Ben Browder convention experience.

Here is an excerpt from Hal's report about asking Ben a question at a convention cocktail party.

This was it. The moment of truth. Would he simply laugh? Would he say that was the dumbest question ever? A pregnant pause. It got longer. And longer. Why was the whole room – and Ben – staring at me? Then, relief; Ben reacted positively and gave a thoughtful answer relating to the advantages held by classically trained actors. He made the point (and I am paraphrasing) that when acting in a Shakespeare play an actor has to use his imagination to place himself in a different time and world – the time and world of Shakespeare and his imagination. Such times and worlds have different realities from our time and world. The same is true of Science Fiction. An actor has to be able to imagine his setting is literally a different world with different realities and he has to imagine such different worlds and realities while acting in front of a green screen. Further, when performing Shakespeare, the actor has to be able to pronounce strange words and deliver long soliloquies. The same is often true of Science Fiction. There are certainly odd words and the actors often have to be able to speak in phrases other than monosyllabic words