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In 2010 Ben became involved with producer Jeffrey Berman and author John E. Stith to bring Stith's character Nick Naught to the screen, be it computer, TV or movie, even a silkscreen for a graphic novel. After a rough start almost eight years ago, Berman just left a cryptic note on his Facebook page about the project Naught for Hire. The message is "Naught a...

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Just added new screencaps to Bad Kids Go to Hell movie page.

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22 new and clearer images added to Grace Under Fire on the Guest Star page.

Grace Under Fire on Amazon Prime

Finally, Grace Under Fire is available in digital format, meaning on DVD at Amazon and free on Amazon Prime. Ben appeared as a cocky college student trying to hook up with Grace at a frat party in Season 1 Episode 3.


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ben-instinct-mag-picInstinct Magazine April 2005

Title: Sci-Fi Guy

Hero of the now defunct cult TV series Farscape – and soon to be featured in the new season of Stargate SG-1 (along with Farscape costar Claudia Black) – sci-fi stud Ben Browder proved that he is, in fact, very down to earth.

INSTINCT: On Farscape, your character was sucked through a wormhole and endured being naked and probed by aliens and having his eyeballs popped out. What was all that like for you?

BEN BROWDER: [Laughs] Being naked and probed—that was my heterosexual nightmare! The episode where they built this metal ball and strapped me to it and hung me upside down was significantly painful. When they sucked my eyes out, they had this pointy neck collar and that cut off my circulation.

It all sounds very S&M.

[Sarcastically] Oh, loved it. The enjoyable thing was being able to play with the people I was playing with on a daily basis. You never knew what the creature shop would come up with. And it was also great to have Claudia there watching my backside.

I was going to mention your very nice caboose, Ben! You certainly know how to fill out a uniform! Your character donned leather in the second season. Are you into leather?

The leather was a practical decision, because of all the stunts and explosions. I went through 25 pairs of trousers on the first season; they ripped, burned, disintegrated, etc. But I can’t recommend wandering around in black leather in Sydney in the summer.

Give us more fashion tips. What do you wear when you are not on set?

Boardies and a T-shirt. But I believe a man should have one good suit. You need that for funerals, weddings and special occasions

What has being a TV star helped you get that you would not have otherwise?

I bought a new surfboard every year the series got renewed. I don’t have any expensive things. I have a nice house, but my friends have nicer houses.

Surfing must have been great in Sydney. How will you cope now that you are living and working in Vancouver?

I surfed the west coast of Canada once. Once you get the board, all you need is the waves. You go when you can go.

Your character’s relationship with Claudia Black’s Aeryn Sun on Farscape was, in many ways, a reversal of traditional male/female roles. What accounts for your chemistry with her?

Claudia Black is a sexy girl. Some people like to be beat up by sexy girls. You have to believe she can kick your ass and you still want to kiss her. My character was a pretty butch guy; Aeryn was just more butch at times. People fall in love with what they fall in love with. I don’t think it is gender specific.

Let’s talk about this playing butch— would you ever play a gay role?

It would depend on the dramatic/comedic content. I wouldn’t want to play a role just because it’s gay. Is the story interesting or compelling? You’d be an idiot not to want to play Tom Hanks role in Philadelphia. It’s the part, not the [character’s] orientation.

Most actors are told not to work with children or animals. Could the same be true for working with aliens and puppets?

They never tell you never to work with puppets. Puppets are better than a lot of actors. You get used to a disconnected voice coming from [offstage]. Working with CGI is very difficult.

Well, sci-fi is a fantasy world, and many gay fans have fantasies about you. Have you received any unwanted male attention?

It is flattering and gratifying anyone is attracted to you. [Being gay is] not my bag, but as my grandmother says, it “ain’t nobody’s business.” I subscribe to that.

Sounds fabulous! Are you glad you were not painted blue or buried under layers of makeup for the show?

I’m glad I didn’t have to go through that on a daily basis. It’s fun short term, but long term, it’s a burden. It takes hours of your time and can be fatiguing on set. Paint tends to hold in your precious bodily fluids.

So, do you think alien life exists?

I think there is something out there. I doubt they have been carting off farmers in Montana. The longer you are in the world, the sooner you realize how weird the world is. My experience is that the world is small, the universe is big, and all of it is weird. Most people just have to look at their own families to come to that conclusion. – Gary M. Kramer