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Naught a Word

In 2010 Ben became involved with producer Jeffrey Berman and author John E. Stith to bring Stith's character Nick Naught to the screen, be it computer, TV or movie, even a silkscreen for a graphic novel. After a rough start almost eight years ago, Berman just left a cryptic note on his Facebook page about the project Naught for Hire. The message is "Naught a...

Bad Kids Screen Caps

Just added new screencaps to Bad Kids Go to Hell movie page.

Grace Under Fire Page Updated

22 new and clearer images added to Grace Under Fire on the Guest Star page.

Grace Under Fire on Amazon Prime

Finally, Grace Under Fire is available in digital format, meaning on DVD at Amazon and free on Amazon Prime. Ben appeared as a cocky college student trying to hook up with Grace at a frat party in Season 1 Episode 3.


57 images added on Party of Five guest star page.

A Killer Within Movie Images Added

18 new images added to the movie page for A Killer Within.

Criminal Minds Page Added

New page for Ben's appearance on Criminal Minds. Projects->Guest Star menu. Watch the episode on

New Movie Images Added

New images for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Outlaws and Angels.

More Movie Images Added

New images for A Kiss Before Dying, Nevada, and Countdown: The Sky's on Fire.

Did We Say More New Images Added

New images for Charlie's Angels Story and Danielle Steel's Secrets on the movie pages.

A Cast of Characters

John Crichton

John Crichton


Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell

Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell

Stargate SG-1

Sovereign Admiral

Sovereign Admiral

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

George Tildon

George Tildon

Outlaws and Angels

Sheriff Isaac

Sheriff Isaac

Doctor Who

Max Rainwater

Max Rainwater

Bad Kids Go to Hell

Brandon Davis

Brandon Davis

Dead Still

Lee Majors

Lee Majors

Behind the Scenes: Charlie's Angels

Sam Moss

Sam Moss

A Killer Within

Hard Hat Area

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Allie Theiss Show



In her introduction, Allie mentioned she was a science fiction fan and likes Stargate and especially loves Farscape. She mentioned through her earlier shows a few times that she would like Ben to be on the show. And out of the blue, he shows up. I'm sure it must have been a little more complicated than that but who knows.

During the interview, they talked about pulling weeds, science fiction in general, his interest in science fiction, characterization in science fiction and fantasy landscapes and conventions among other things.

On characterization in sci-fi and fantasy, which was the most interesting part of the interview, Ben mentioned The  Culture which is from a series of books by UK author Iain M. Banks to point out a rich landscape with wonderful characterizations. Ben made a point that a vivid sci-fi or fantasy landscape without characterization is basically a role-playing game.

Ben talked about Max Rainwater in Bad Kids Go to Hell. He likened Max to the character Boo Radley in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee; a hero but with a twist.

Ben also mentioned Naught for Hire - it's in development with Paramount Digital but has yet to be shot. Check out Naught P.I. Agency for breaking news on Naught.

You can download the entire show here: The Allie Theiss with Ben Browder. The whole show is quite interesting. Ben's interview starts in at about 30 minutes.

 According to Allie's Facebook page, she is an "Internationally known psychic, healer and sex coach. The author of 4 Gypsy Magic books with an OBE sex book in the works."