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A Cast of Characters

John Crichton

John Crichton


Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell

Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell

Stargate SG-1

Sovereign Admiral

Sovereign Admiral

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

George Tildon

George Tildon

Outlaws and Angels

Sheriff Isaac

Sheriff Isaac

Doctor Who

Max Rainwater

Max Rainwater

Bad Kids Go to Hell

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Brandon Davis

Dead Still

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Lee Majors

Behind the Scenes: Charlie's Angels

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Sam Moss

A Killer Within

Hard Hat Area

john quixote02We are reinstalling and updating the site.
Hopefully, the layout won't change while you are looking but if it does, please don't let that discourage you from coming back. Good things take time. Thanks for understanding.

Starting in 2008, Rockne O'Bannon (creator of Farscape) started production of a Farscape comic book series. Although Ben was not involved in the production of the comics as far as we can ascertain, they are about Ben's breakout TV series character John Crichton and so are included on this website.

The first story starts off after the end of The Peacekeepers Wars with the intrepid Moya crew helping the indomitable Dominar Rygel XVI regain his Hynerian throne.

Further comics series included all the Farscape universe canon putting the Moya crew into various adventures and tight spots.

You can find many details on the KRAD LiveJournal website. Including all the comic series cover art.

Here are the covers of the first seven comic series in order of publication. Some of the comics overlapped on production dates. You can find plot descriptions from the Farscape Comics website.

Farscape Vol. 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

beginning of the end


Farscape Vol. 2: Strange Detractors

strange detractors


Farscape Vol. 3: Gone and Back

gone and back


Farscape Vol. 4: Tangled Roots

tangled roots 2010 06


Farscape Vol. 5: Red Sky at Morning

red sky at morning 2011 09

Farscape Vol. 6: Compulsions

compulsions 2011 06

Farscape Vol. 7: The War for the Uncharted Territories

the war for the uncharted territories 2012 03